'Machete Kills' 3D Trailer: Because Machete Can't Be Bound By A Normal Video Player

3D trailers are great if you're watching them in a 3D movie theater with your 3D glasses on, but so-called 3D trailers on the Internet usually aren't anything special. Since the effects don't work on our computers, most "3D trailers" just turn out to be 2D trailers with action-packed scenes that we can sorta-kinda picture looking exciting in 3D.

But leave it to Robert Rodriguez's gleefully over-the-top Machete Kills to go over-the-top with its 3D Internet trailer. No, not even the world's toughest ex-Federale can make your laptop suddenly support 3D technology. But he can offer a video with explosions so big, they can't be contained by your average video player. See what we mean after the jump.

Coming Soon debuted the trailer. Ironically, Machete Kills actually won't be in 3D.

Having the explosions and weaponry bleed outside the player is a really cheesy gimmick, but it works like gangbusters. Because if a B-movie called Machete Kills can't resort to cheap tricks, what can?

That bit of movie magic aside, the trailer isn't so different from the other Machete Kills promos we've seen. The plot has Machete (Danny Trejo) helping the President of the United States (Charlie Sheen, because obviously) stop a billionaire madman (Mel Giblson) and a warlord (Demian Bichir) from destroying the world.

As if that lineup wasn't attention-getting enough, Machete Kills also includes Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara, William Sadler, Cuba Gooding Jr., Antonio Banderas, Lady Gaga, Walter Goggins, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jessica Alba.

A great cast doesn't necessarily make for a great film, but in this case it seems to help a lot. According to Russ, all of those stars are the best part of an otherwise tiresome movie. "For all the lousy staging, dingy effects, and stale jokes, there's still that cast. The actors seem to be having an effin' blast," he wrote.

Machete Kills opens October 11.