See Concept Art And Gameplay From Cancelled Snake Plissken Game And Anime Series

Of all iconic characters Kurt Russell has played, one stands above the rest, on a mountain of bodies, smoking a cigarette and rocking an eyepatch. I refer, of course, to Snake Plissken, the central figure of John Carpenter films Escape from New York and Escape from LA. Russell's portrayal of the criminal turned hero popped off the screen in a way that still resonates with fans today. However, Plissken was created in another time and the character strictly lives on the big screen.

That wasn't always the plan though. It's not a surprise producer Debra Hill, along with Russell and Carpenter, were ahead of the curve just a few short years ago when they attempted to turn Plissken into a multimedia entity, something that's almost expected today. In the early 2000s, plans were in place for both a video game as well as an anime series, neither of which ever saw the light of day.

Below, not only can you see some gameplay from the cancelled game Snake Plissken's First Escape, you'll see concept art from an anime style TV show called Snake.

Ain't It Cool News is all over the Plissken beat, posting all of the below material and more. They're also promising addition Plissken materials in the coming days.

First up, here's the cover and back cover of the game, Snake Plissken's First Escape:

But what's a cover without some video?

Then here's the animated series Snake. This is just a small sample of what's currently online. Head to the above AICN link for more.

Are you disappointed none of these projects ever came to fruition? Do you think the character had massive crossover appeal? Should he come back?