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20 Things a Breaking Bad Virgin Should Know to Enjoy Sunday's Finale

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts about drug dealing learned from Breaking Bad


Sightseeing San Andreas: 8 Real World Movie Locations You Can Find In GTA 5

Fact-Checking the Science of BREAKING BAD: From Fulminated Mercury to FeLiNa

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Director Agrees With Breaking Bad– His Movie Does Suck

Indiana Jones Club Obi Wan Paper Print

Indiana Jones Club Obi Wan Paper Print

The Complete Works: Ranking All 64 Stephen King Books


13 Iconic Movie Quotes With Internet-Obsessed Twists

Jared Leto Of "Dallas Buyers Club" To Receive The Hollywood Breakout Performance Award At The 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards

Muppet Mash, A 'Sesame Street' Remix by Pogo

Alfonso Cuarón Says Most 3D Films Are "Crap" As RealD CFO Pushes Studios & Directors To Keep Using The Format



Sony Pictures TV Sets Space Travel Series As Space Heats Up As Reality Frontier

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MTV Shows

Porn Star Allie Haze Reviews Joseph Gordon-Levitt In 'Don Jon'

With 'Gravity' on the horizon what are the greatest space movies of all-time?


The Most Interesting Star Trek Redshirt in the World

Disney Plans Film On Chess Wiz Garry Kasparov Vs. Computer

Pumpkin Spice, A Parody Horror Movie Trailer About the World Becoming Brainwashed by Pumpkin Seasonings

Why the STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS Bashing Needs To End

Zombie Cribbage

Zombie Cribbage

CBS to adapt Anne Rice novel 'Angel Time'

Every Bad Thing That's Happened to Jesse Pinkman on 'Breaking Bad'

15 Amazing Things We Learned About Robin Williams During His AMA

Star Wars pencil skirts

Star Wars pencil skirts

Katie Holmes Joins Meryl Streep in 'The Giver'

Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Blueprint Poster

Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Blueprint Poster

Robin Williams' Return to TV Draws 15.6 Million for CBS

5 Reasons 'Homeland' Is the Most Sexist Show on TV

Oscars Revamp Animation Nomination Process

Series 2 E.T. Action Figures

Series 2 E.T. Action Figures

7 Moronic Ways Hollywood Wants To Teach Kids About Piracy


Make The Empire State Building TARDIS Blue for The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Back to the Future meets Knight Rider

"I'm the One who knocks" by Edgar Allen Poe, Hemingway and other Poets

These "Star Trek: TNG" Socks Will Make Your Feet Look Like One Of The Crew

Dates, Theme Set for 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival

Breaking Bad / Walking Dead Mash-Up

10 Films to See at the New York Film Festival

Breaking Dad, A 'Breaking Bad' Meets 'Malcolm in the Middle' T-Shirt

Breaking Dad, A 'Breaking Bad' Meets 'Malcolm in the Middle' T-Shirt

AMC Networks CEO Says His Company Will Benefit As Pay TV Providers Study Costs

'Homeland: The Musical' Parody Hits the Web

Bob Iger Says 'Lone Ranger' Not Responsible For Break With Jerry Bruckheimer

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on FRANKENSTEIN 1970

Weinstein Co. Moves Nicole Kidman's 'Grace of Monaco' Out of 2013 Contention


Chogrin's "BINGO! DINO-DNA!" t-shirt is on sale TODAY only.

Fox Again Denied Effort To Shut Down Dish Network's Ad-Zapping Hopper

Watch a Promo for the Homeland/Simpsons Mash-up

CBS Prepping Planted 'NCIS' Spinoff Produced By Mark Harmon & Gary Glasberg


'Breaking Bad' Collides With 'Game of Thrones' for Epic Crossover

'King & Maxwell' Cancelled By TNT

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