Video: The Sound Of 'Gravity' - Learn How The Film's Unusual Sound Mix Came To Be

Almost all modern films rely heavily on sound to make an impact. With Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, however, the things we don't hear are just as important as those we do. Taking place entirely in space, with scenes set in the vacuum between spacecraft and within those crafts themselves, the film features a more realistic type of sound design than we've seen in most space-based films.

So while we hear dialogue transmitted through suit audio and some sounds of interaction channeled as vibrations through space suits worn by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, some of the big events in the film go down without the typical booming movie sound effects. Seeing spacecraft disintegrate in near-silence turns out to be far more effective in some ways than the same scene would be with standard effects — could we see Gravity effecting any big change in how certain films are soundtracked? Here's hoping.

Regardless, there's a lot to talk about with respect to the creation of sound effects in Gravity. The great Soundworks Collection has a ten-minute video on the subject, which you can enjoy below.