'A Case Of You' Trailer: Quirky Peter Dinklage Dispenses Quirky Advice In Quirky Romcom

Indie romcoms about self-doubting writers and quirky hipster goddesses are a dime a dozen, but Kat Coiro's A Case of You has a special secret weapon in the form of one Peter Dinklage. While the main romance revolves around Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood, the Game of Thrones star seems poised to steal every scene he's in as an odd barista with a hideous mustache. Watch the trailer after the jump.

While we've all indulged in a bit of social media stalking from time to time, Sam's decision to entirely make himself over seems more creepy than endearing. Then, when he subsequently gets upset at Birdie for falling in love with this fake version of him, he goes from misguided to downright jerkish. True, the film recognizes Sam's behavior is deeply unhealthy — there's a book publishing guy who indirectly calls Sam "pathetic and beyond lost" — but it looks like he'll get the girl anyway.

But with romcoms, it's easy to forgive any number of flaws if the cast has the right chemistry, and Long and Wood seem like a cute match. The strong supporting cast doesn't hurt, either. O'Donnell plays Sam's roommate, Busy Philipps Sam's roommate's girlfriend, Sienna Miller Sam's ex, Vince Vaughn a publisher, Brendan Fraser Birdie's ex, and Dinklage Birdie's coffee shop co-worker.

A Case of You lands in theaters and on VOD/iTunes November 6.