VOTD: 'Archer' Season Five Tease Parodies 'Top Gun'

Characters on the FX show Archer have many obsessions: ocelots, weird sex, Burt Reynolds, and Rush, just to name a few. And then there's the Kenny Loggins song 'Danger Zone,' from the Top Gun soundtrack. Sterling Archer loves a trip into the danger zone. (Mostly because mentioning it really pisses off Lana.)

Now the show's creators and the FX marketing department have created a great version of the 'Danger Zone' video, animated with Archer characters. Since the video was mostly footage from Top Gun, that means this ad is all Archer parodying the movie, with the bonus of seeing Krieger standing in for Kenny Loggins. It's great; watch below.

Update: FX made the full 'Danger Zone' video private for some reason. Here's a clip of the animation:

And here's a collection of danger zone quips from previous seasons of Archer:

Thanks to J. Christopher Arrison, who wrote the great Halloween Horror Nights tour for us, for the heads-up here.