LOL: Jimmy Fallon Enters Black Market Joke Trade In 'Joking Bad'

As criminal masterminds go, a late night host with six months left (on the show, that is, not in life) selling his jokes on the black market doesn't sound all that evil. But then again, we once sympathized with a terminally ill chemistry teacher making meth to provide for his family, too. Nowadays, that guy is a total monster.

True, joke-selling is somewhat less likely to result in slit throats, explosions, and poisoned people, but as Jimmy Fallon's Breaking Bad parody Joking Bad shows, it does come with some terrifying consequences of its own. Watch the video after the jump. Do be warned that some spoilers follow, if you're not caught up through the first half of Season 5.

See? Not even Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul themselves will stand for a guy involved in such shady dealings. Indeed, the former gets so angry he feels compelled to toss another whole pizza. And that's nothing compared to what late night's version of Hector Salamanca wants to do to Fallon.

Fortunately, Fallon's smart enough to know that he'd "better call Saul." Hey, can this be one of the cases that he deals with in that prequel spinoff? Surely it can't be too far a leap from comedy agent to criminally connected lawyer.

Joking Bad nails Breaking Bad's signature style, right down to those POV shots. Easter eggs litter the background, and Steve Higgins and A.D. Miles make a much better Jesse and Hank than I ever would've predicted.

Heck, Fallon and his team have even picked up the show's love of foreshadowing. Higgins' tossed-off comment regarding "a joke about a dude with no ass" pays off in spectacularly silly fashion a few minutes later.

Fallon may have left Saturday Night Live behind years ago, but his affection for playacting hasn't gone anywhere. The host has also gleefully taken on Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey in the past.