'Godzilla' Design Revealed By Licensing Expo Poster [Removed]

Want to see the face of the new Godzilla?

It's always the same: there'll be a new film with a tightly-guarded character design that has been hidden from the curious public. But those character designs have to be merchandized, and so there are licensing expos where companies get to see the stuff that studios are hiding from people. And then pictures hit the internet, often well before trailer footage does.

And so we come to the latest expo, in Brazil, where a poster featuring Godzilla was photographed. This would appear to be the design of the creature for Gareth Edwards' new film that opens in 2014. We've kept it below, for those who would rather wait for a trailer.

Update: Warner Bros. lawyers have been in touch, so the image is gone.Kaijucast got this pic from an attendee at Expo Licensing Brazil, where Warner Bros. Consumer Products has a booth on the floor.

[Image removed at the request of Warner Bros.]

This guy is just so happy to be stomping on cities!

Comic Con saw the public display of footage back in July, but even that took pains to obscure the creature's head somewhat. At the related Godzilla Experience there was a vision of the full creature, but we were told that rendering wasn't final.

Godzilla hits theaters and IMAX on May 16, 2014, with Aaron Taylor-JohnsonKen WatanabeElizabeth OlsenJuliette BinocheDavid StrathairnBryan Cranstonand Sally Hawkins.