'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Walt Disney World As Hellish Nightmare Landscape

One of the most intriguing Disney films to come out this year isn't a Disney film at all. In fact, Disney had no idea it was getting made, and now that they do, it's honestly a wonder that the people behind it aren't getting sued.

Escape From Tomorrow attracted a lot of attention at Sundance for its daring connection to the Mouse House. Director Randy Moore and his cast and crew had shot the entire feature film within Disney parks without the knowledge or permission of Disney, narrowly escaping discovery at one point.

That insane history had many assuming that Disney would never let Escape From Tomorrow see the light of day, but somehow the film has managed to secure a domestic distributor and (so far) avoid legal trouble. Now it's headed for an October release, and the first trailer has just hit the web. Check it out after the jump.

[via Trailer Addict]

As you saw in the trailer, Peter was one of many who was impressed — if not really blown away — by the film at Sundance. Here's an excerpt from his review:

Escape From Tomorrow is not a great film. The story has some good ideas, but the execution is uneven. And yet, it is unlike anything you've seen before and will probably be unlike anything you see again. For at reason alone, I would recommend you see this film if you have the chance.

The first promo looks unusual enough. The Disney parks are already kind of a weird place to begin with. Sure, the costumed greeters and animatronics are meant to be kid-friendly fun, but seen in a certain light they can look pretty eerie. Escape From Tomorrow seems to capture that not-quite-right feeling.

The plot starts out innocuously, as a family embarks on a trip to Disney World. Once there, however, the father learns that he's lost his job. He decides not to tell his wife and kids just yet, preferring to just enjoy the vacation while it lasts. However, as the day goes on, he descends into a nightmarish spiral of paranoia and obsession.

Escape From Tomorrow hits theaters and VOD on October 11.