Trailer Teases New J.J. Abrams Project As Unusual Novel Called 'S.'

A few weeks ago, Bad Robot released a trailer for a new project from J.J. Abrams. It was called Stranger, and the nature of the thing wasn't known at the time, but the trailer was interesting enough to get a lot of attention. (The involvement of Abrams didn't hurt.)

At the time, a few people thought the trailer was likely for a book called S., from Doug Dorst, co-created with Abrams. Now a new video confirms that ID, and gives us a bit more to chew on. The project is something of a multi-media deal, as the novel features all sorts of notes and inserts that layer the story.

The new trailer is pretty great; it looks like something that could easily be a new X-Files episode. Check it out below.

EW has the trailer, and this description of the novel: basically about the relationship between a grad student named Eric and a college senior named Jennifer. They trade notes in the margins of a (fictional) 1949 novel by a mysterious author named V.M. Straka. S.contains the novel within the novel; copious handwritten notes between Jennifer and Eric ("a conversation that plunges them into the unknown," according to the book jacket); and dozens of pieces of ephemera between the pages like newspaper clippings and a napkin with a map drawn on it. (S. will come shrink-wrapped so none of this extra material falls out.)

S. will be on shelves October 29.