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6 Weirdly Specific Characters That Are in Every Sitcom EverHow Netflix's Bet on Originals Is Already Paying OffBreaking Bad GTABreaking Bad GTARiddick shows how NOT to resurrect a great antihero5 Movie Monsters We Want To See Riddick FightChart: 3d movie releases and announced future releasesChart: 3d movie releases and announced future releases

The Heisenberg Masculinity Principle: A Unified Follicular Theory of "Breaking Bad"

People Are Lining Up for Gallery 1988 Prints. Here's Why.

Scott C's latest Great Showdown is a tribute to Warm BodiesScott C's latest Great Showdown is a tribute to Warm Bodies

From Jiggawatts to Pi: Movies Where Math is #1

Hitting Cosplayers in the Face With a Microphone at Dragon Con 201325 Posters That Would Have Tricked Us Into Seeing Bad MoviesDarth Vader Kids' Costume Hoodie

Darth Vader Kids' Costume Hoodie

'Sons of Anarchy' Adds Web Aftershow For Season Six

Trailers From Hell: Jon Davison on COCKFIGHTER

Princess Diana Biopic Draws Bad Reviews in U.K.Yoda T-Shirt

Cool This Yoda T-Shirt Is

Toronto: Jason Bateman on His Directorial Debut, 'Bad Words,' and Why He Cast Himself

Lego Harry Potter Wizard Swears

Variety Names 10 Actors to Watch for 2013

1/4th He Man Statue from PopCulture Shock Collectibles

1/4th He Man Statue from PopCulture Shock Collectibles

The top 50 scenery chewing acting moments, with video clips as evidence

Hashtags: #MakeBuscemiSay

Dane DeHaan to Play James Dean Alongside 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson in 'Life'Daniel Radcliffe Sprouts HORNSDaniel Radcliffe Sprouts HORNSTina Fey-Amy Poehler Among Emmys' Female Presenter PairingsA New Hope silk screen print by Mark DanielsA New Hope silk screen print by Mark Daniels – Coming Soon!

'Breaking Bad' named Highest-Rated TV Series by 'Guinness World Records'

The Dukes of Heisenberg

How will the Sleepy Hollow show be different than Tim Burton's movie?I Heart Oz t-shirt

I Heart Oz t-shirt

There Should Be a Sequel: 'Mystery Men'

Trailer For Eco-Preservation Doc & TIFF Entry 'Midway'Pacific Rim Headed to DVD and Blu-ray on October 15

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on HORROR ISLAND

6 Reasons IKEA Is the Ideal Setting for a Zombie MovieMinion Cake

Minion Cake

YouTube Gets Its Own Film Festival

What Smaug might look like – a concept

DirecTV Orders 10 Neil LaBute Short Films

Band Dressed Like Transformers Singing Music From Transformers: The Movie 

Talking Title Sequences With Creator of 'Art of the Title'

Watch some behind the scenes b-roll footage from Prisoners

Two new major attractions coming to Universal Islands of Adventure in 2015 ?Alf Corleone t-shirtAlf Corleone t-shirt10 Films We're Most Excited About at the 2013 Toronto International Film FestivalZZ474CE4B5

Somebody Made An Entire G.I. Joe Themed Rap Album

Predicting What Will Happen in Breaking Bad's Final 4 Episodes From Their Titles

3D Horror Sketch (No glasses needed!)

Tom Hanks' 'Hologram' Heading for Early 2014 Shooting

A video of Gallery1988's Edgar Wright Art Show opening

Was Jodorowsky's Dune the most ahead-of-its-time movie ever?

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