Superhero Bits: Secret Service, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, Dark Knight, Deadpool

Which pop culture icons are rumored to be in The Secret Service? Want to see a cool behind the scenes image from The Dark Knight? What happened in the 2002 Batman vs. Superman script? How far along is filming on Guardians of the Galaxy? Has Mark Wahlberg directed an Iron Man movie? Who are the twelve most pointless X-Men? What is Peter Dinklage looking at in a new photo from X-Men: Days of Future Past? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Dark Knight BTSAin't It Cool News' recent behind the scenes image was from The Dark Knight.The Mirror in the UK is reporting a rumor that Taylor Swift and David Beckham might appear in The Secret Service.

Peter Dinklage makes a cameo on the official X-Men Twitter.Superman Coins

Canada is releasing some limited edition Superman coins. Read more at CTV News via Comic Book Movie.

Didn't have time to read that 2002 Batman vs. Superman script? io9 did and breaks it down.

Chris Pratt gives an update on the schedule behind Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Free Loki contest for Thor: The Dark World underway on @ThorMovies. Here are the official rules.

Bounce-batman-dvdBatman is now in Bounce, from Pleated Jeans via Nerd Approved.

Artist Justin Currie (via Geek Tyrant) reimagined superheroes as robots.

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Iron Man, a film by Mark Wahlberg via Official Comedy.The Geek Twins rank the best and worst 11 Superman movies that didn't happen.Bathroom SuperheroRed Bubble reinvents the bathroom system.

The 12 most pointless X-Men are listed by IO9.

If any superhero would be into "Blurred Lines," it's Deadpool.

What happened when an artist sees her father as a superhero?

First Class shirt

Cool X-Men First Class shirt from We Love Fine (via Shirtoid).

Popular TV icons reimagined as superheroes.