Cool Stuff: Dorothy's Hollywood Film Star Map Print

Last year we featured an awesome vintage-style LA street map featuring the names of over 900 movies. That print was insanely popular, and now UK-based design studio Dorothy has created a follow-up — a "Hollywood Star Chart" which "re-imagine constellations as American films and re-name the stars that make up the clusters after the Hollywood greats that appeared in them." See more photos of these amazing prints after the jump.

DOROTHY_Star Chart_Open Edition_Pair

Open Editions

I have a ton of pop culture artwork around the house, but I love pieces like these because they are simple, minimalistic, and don't look like just-another-movie-print. And for those friends who look closer, they will discover the secret themselves and spend a few minutes looking at the various movies, actors or directors. At least this has been the case with the Street Map piece I bought from Dorothy last year. Here are some details from their website:

Our Hollywood Star Charts celebrate some of the most culturally significant films, directors and actors to have graced the silver screen since 1927. In a twist on the traditional start chart, we have reimagined constellations as classic and modern American films and renamed the stars that make up the clusters after the Hollywood greats that appeared in them. The key at the base of each print lists the actors featured on the chart, the date of their oscar win or nomination and the position of their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

DOROTHY_Star Chart Modern Day_Limited Edition_Close Up C

The prints are available as two different cinematic eras – the Golden Age star chart and the Modern Day star chart.

  • The 'Golden Age' star chart is based on the night sky over Los Angeles on October 6th 1927 – the release date of Al Jolson's 'The Jazz Singer'. This film was the first feature-length motion picture with synchronized dialogue and its release heralded a new age of film making and the decline of the popularity of the the silent film. 62 films feature on the Golden Age star chart including The Jazz Singer, King Kong, The Wizard of Oz, It's a Wonderful Life, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and Rebel without a Cause. Features 62 films featured and just under 350 individuals listed in the key.
  • 'The Modern Day' star chart is based on the night sky over New York on June 16th 1960 – the date of the first showing of Hitchcock's 'Psycho' at the DeMille Theater in New York. This film, with is new approaches to storytelling, characterisation and depiction of violence is seen as a key movie in the start of the post-classical era of Hollywood. 108 films feature on the Modern Day star chart including Psycho, Easy Rider, Bonnie and Clyde, The Exorcist, The Godfather, Chinatown, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and Avatar. Features 108 films and just over 500 individuals.
  • DOROTHY Star Chart Limited Editions

    Limited Editions

    Films selected for inclusion include those that have been chosen for preservation in the US National Film Registry, due to their cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance, by the United States National Film Preservation Board; films that have won Academy Awards, and; a few movies that are our Dorothy's favorites.

    The standard open editions are 2 color litho prints on 120gsm uncoated art paper for £25 (or about $39). The limited editions are 1 color metallic ink printed (silver for modern era, gold for golden age) printed on 120gsm Keaykolour uncoated paper (Jet Black for the modern era, Navy Blue for the golden age) for £100 (or about $155 American). All four prints measure H80 x W60cm, which is an unusual 31.4961 x 23.622 inches in the states (luckily Ikea has some very affordable frames for this international size). You can buy Dorothy's Hollywood Star Charts now on

    Modern Day Limited Edition:

    DOROTHY_Star Chart Modern Day_Limited Edition_FrameDOROTHY_Star Chart Modern Day_Limited Edition_Close Up B

    Golden Age Limited Edition:

    DOROTHY_Star Chart Golden Age_Limited Edition_FrameDOROTHY_Star Chart Golden Age_Limited Edition_Close Up E

    Modern Day Open Edition:

    Dorothy_Star Chart Modern Day_Open EditionDOROTHY_Star Chart Modern Day_Open Edition_Close Up E

    Golden Age Open Edition:

    DOROTHY_Star Chart Golden Age_Open Edition_FrameDOROTHY_Star Chart Golden Age_Open Edition_Close Up B