LOL: Dean Norris Spoils The End Of 'Breaking Bad'

As Breaking Bad sprints toward the finale, the theorizing over how it's all going to end is only getting more intense. Vince Gilligan and his stars have been dancing around the big spoilers for months now, and at least one is getting tired of keeping all these secrets to himself.

Dean Norris, who plays DEA agent Hank Schrader, has posted a new video on Funny or Die in which he "spoils" the ending of Breaking Bad. Here's a clue: According to him, it's titled "Hank Wins" and was written by Norris himself.

Hit the jump to check it out. Ironically, the video doesn't contain any real spoilers for anything that's happened so far, so even those of you who are still struggling to catch up can watch with impunity.

It all sounds absurd, but on the other hand, we all know how much Vince Gilligan loves to surprise the audience. And what could possibly be more shocking than if this turned out to be real? What I'm saying is, let's not rule it out completely.

Breaking Bad airs Sunday nights on AMC. The real finale will play sometime this fall.