Video: 'Fact Or Fictional' Tackles The Science Of 'Breaking Bad'

Walter White considers himself to be a damn brilliant chemist on Breaking Bad, but does his science hold up under real-life scrutiny? That's the question posed by the latest episode of Fact or Fictional, the web series hosted by Veronica Belmont.

Guest expert Dr. Jovana J. Grbic, who holds a PhD in chemistry, examines Walt's fulminated mercury trick, his use of methylamine to cook drugs, and his solution to the dead RV battery (which was not a robot, to Jesse's eternal disappointment). She even offers some insight into Walt's personality as a scientist. Watch the video after the jump.

More of Grbic's work can be found on ScriptPhD, where she covers entertainment from a science-minded perspective. Previous episodes of Fact or Fictional, which have delved into ElysiumSharknadoGame of Thrones, and more, are on YouTube. For another look at the science of Breaking Bad, take a peek at the Mythbusters special.