Edgar Wright Says 'Ant-Man' Is More Of A "Standalone" Than Connected Marvel Film

Back when Edgar Wright first signed on for Ant-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn't really a thing. Iron Man hadn't come out yet, and The Avengers was no more than a twinkle in Kevin Feige's eye.

But a lot's changed since then, and Ant-Man's had to evolve with it. The script, by Wright and Joe Cornish, recently underwent some fine-tuning to better fit it into the now tightly interconnected movie franchise. Still, Wright maintains that his superhero flick will be "pretty standalone" with regard to the MCU.

Hit the jump to read his thoughts. Plus, he offers a minor update on another upcoming project of his, a straight horror film.

I think it's just doing its own thing in the accepted history but it's still part of the other movies and always was. In the time I've been working on it other things have happened in the other movies that could be affected in this. It is pretty standalone in the way we're linking it to the others. I like to make it standalone because I think the premise of it needs time. I want to put the crazy premise of it into a real world, which is why I think "Iron Man" really works because it's a relatively simple universe; it's relatable. I definitely want to go into finding a streamlined format where you use the origin format to introduce the main character and further adventures can bring other people into it. I'm a big believer in keeping it relatively simple and Marvel agrees on that front.

While Phase One took a pretty straight path to The Avengers, it seems Marvel's looking to branch out a bit in Phases Two and Three. Feige has previously described Guardians of the Galaxy as "much more of a standalone film" with no involvement from the Avengers, and it sounds like they're taking a similar approach with Ant-Man.

It seems like a wise choice. Ant-Man as a character isn't too familiar to the public, so he'll probably benefit from the opportunity to establish himself. It's also great to see that the Marvel Cinematic Universe still has room for oddball offshoots, even as the Avengers stuff gets more and more interconnected.

Of course, Wright being Wright, Ant-Man isn't the only thing he has in the works right now. The filmmaker added that he's also developing a "straight" horror film which sounds like a huge change of pace from his earlier work.

I'm actually developing it with Big Talk and Film 4. It's something I've been doing a lot of research on and I want to write at some point once I'm stopped with this crazy promotion for this movie.

I want to do something that's very visual and has very little dialogue. All of my films have been very dialogue heavy and that's great. It always makes it more of a challenge to market in other countries. I like watching films that can play in any language because they're essentially silent.

But don't worry, Marvel fans — this isn't yet another project to push Ant-Man further down his to-do list. The Marvel picture is getting ready to shoot next year for a November 5, 2015 release.