Watch The 'Breaking Bad' Premiere And 'Mythbusters' Special Online

Unless you've been living under a rock that doesn't get WiFi service, you no doubt already know that AMC's Breaking Bad returned this past weekend for its final eight-episode stretch. The meth drama wasted no time, picking up just minutes, if not seconds, after last year's "Gliding Over All" left off and barreling ahead through some major plot points.

But if you've taken your sweet time getting around to watching the show, now's your chance. The network has put the entire season premiere "Blood Money" online for free, so you don't even need a cable subscription to watch it. And once you're done with that, you can review the plausibility of Walt's various tricks in Mythbusters' "Breaking Bad Special," which has also made its way online. Watch both videos after the jump.

Technically, "Blood Money" isn't a season premiere, but the ninth episode of a sixteen-episode fifth season that was split into two parts. But it functions exactly the same way as a season premiere — as iTunes subscribers recently found out to their annoyance.

The upside to the AMC video is, obviously, that it's free. The downside is that it comes with the commercials and everything. Fortunately, it's not too tough to fast-forward through them.

Meanwhile, series creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul stopped by the Mythbusters lab to test some of Walt's favorite stunts. Specifically, the fulminated mercury trick from the Season 1 episode "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" and the hydrofluoric acid bathtub incident from "Cat's in the Bag..."

Walt and Jesse get up to enough craziness that Mythbusters could probably do a whole season on Breaking Bad-inspired myths, but it's nice to learn the truth about hydrofluoric acid once and for all. You know, in case any other crazy person gets it in their head to try and apply Mr. White's lessons to real life.

Breaking Bad airs Sunday evenings at 9 PM on AMC.