Ep. 239 - Elysium (GUEST: Jeff Cannata From Newest Latest Best)

elysiumposterDaveDevindra, and Jeff Cannata discuss Werner Herzog's incredible new PSA, the moving documentary Kings of Pastry, and the state of celebrity Kickstarters. Check out the state of Spike Lee's Kickstarter, read up on shushers, and learn more about Jeff's new show at his blog.

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What We've Been Watching (1:51)

  • David: Kings of Pastry, From One Second to the Next
  • Devindra: Blue Jasmine, Hot Coffee
  • News Discussion (24:00)

  • Bruce Willis wants more money for Expendables
  • Hunter Walk and Anil Dash on the state of the movie theaters
  • Featured Review (1:06:45)

  • Elysium
  • (1:28:10)  SPOILERS
  • Credits

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