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Header Photo: Breaking Bad tattoos

20 Science Fiction Moments That Will Make Absolutely Anyone CryA Complete History of the Sequel Trilogy: Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IXGame of Thrones Game of Thrones "Hand of the King" Balloon SculptureDexter EP Prepares for Polarizing Fan Reaction to Series Finale, Maintains, 'It Feels Right to Us'Why It's the Perfect Time for a 'Doctor Who' MovieStorm Trooper Minion

Storm Trooper Minion

'Pacific Rim', 'The Lone Ranger', And The Necessary Evil Of 3D10 Movies...That Are Spinoffs, Not Sequels, Of Popular Movies (Like Disney's 'Planes')Pacific Rim Concept ArtPacific Rim Concept Art RoundupJeff Bewkes: Pay TV Channels Probably Won't Be Offered A La Carte

Man Builds Accurate Replicas of Famous Cars From Films

10 True Facts About the 12th Doctor, Peter CapaldiZZ565255B5

Turn Yourself Into a Loyal Minion With This "Despicable Me" Pinafore

Adam Brody Wants To Do An 'O.C.' Reunion As A Stage Show

MovieSlate for iOS

Apple Also Seeds Apple TV 5.4 Beta 4 To Devs: Adds Automatic Configuration

Pacific Rim' Fan Art50 Incredible Pieces of 'Pacific Rim' Fan ArtHow Tom Rothman Could Help Sony Lure Film Investors (Analysis)

Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo Crashes Matt Damon's Elysium Junket

New HBO 'Luck' Court Filing Claims Rampant Hollywood Animal Abuse

Game of Thrones Tattoos

Elegant Game of Thrones Tattoos

Bob Iger Backs CBS' Arguments In Dispute With Time Warner Cable

Breaking Bad in 8 MinutesMarisa Tomei Joins John Lithgow & Alfred Molina In Ira Sachs' 'Love Is Strange'Breaking Bad art by Guillaume VasseurBreaking Bad art by Guillaume VasseurMeryl Streep To Play Chief Elder In 'The Giver'Memento art by dinkardeslerimMemento art by dinkardeslerim

Netflix Rewrites Original Series Strategy for Brazil

This stop-motion aniamted short imagines "What if actor Ron Perlman and director Guillermo del Toro shared an apartment?"

Judge Set to Allow Kevin Costner's 'Robin Hood' Fraud Claim

Elysium' Concept Art

This 'Elysium' Concept Art Will Make You More Excited to See the Movie

Box Office Preview: 'Elysium' Aims for $35 Million-Plus Debut

Doctor Who Mixed With Anime Is... Interesting

'2 Guns' Helmer Kormakur Set to Climb 'Everest'

Family Ties - 'The Complete Series' Photo-Album Gift SetFamily Ties – 'The Complete Series' Photo-Album Gift Set is Coming to DVD21 Plots Twists Famous TV Shows Should Have Had'DESPICABLE ME' MINION COSPLAY


Watch A Guy Trick Random Girls Into "The Notebook" Rain KissTop 10 Movies That Ripped Off The Twilight Zoneoriginal Back to the Future photo session with Claudia Wells and Eric Stolz as Marty

From the original Back to the Future photo session with Claudia Wells and Eric Stolz as Marty (submitted by James G)

7 Things You Absolutely Must Have On Your Film's Web Site

Giant Mech Suit Test

Justin Kirk To Co-Star In FX Pilot 'Tyrant'Zissou of Fish t-shirt

Zissou of Fish t-shirt

The Most Fourth Wall-Breaking Moments in Television HistoryWe Buy Your Kids' Psycho poster

We Buy Your Kids' Psycho poster

10 Movie Villains You Love to Hate (and Hate to Love)Archaeology Time t-shirt

Archaeology Time t-shirt

Lucy Lawless On How She'd Bring Back 'Xena'ZZ7AF9DA9828 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

Movie Streaming Customers Prefer Mobile Devices Over PCs, Study Finds

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