Exclusive: 'The Secret Of Nimh' Poster By Mark Lone And Odd City

Odds are, when you woke up this morning you didn't think, "I hope I see a really cool new poster for that film that really creeped me out as a child."

Odd City Entertainment has teamed up with Wisconsin-based artist Mark Lone to make a poster for The Secret of Nimh, the 1982 animated film directed by Don Bluth. It's the story of the heroic rat Mrs. Brisby and the incredible lengths she goes to save her ailing child. Those lengths include some imagery that would probably garner a PG-13 in today's world, but were rated G back in '82.

Much of that imagery is on display in this jaw-dropping 10 color screen print which goes on sale Thursday August 8. Get more info, and check out the full image below.

Here's our exclusive reveal of Mark Lone's The Secret of Nimh. Click for a high-res version.

Mark Lone - Secret of NIMH

Here's what the artist had to say about the poster:

Being a fan of 80's animation, I must admit, I wore out my VHS tape of The Secret of NIMH, my favorite Don Bluth movie. I learned so much during the process of making this piece while studying as much as I could from the movie concept sketches and character designs (some even by Don himself). I realized after starting this print that I have always drawn owls (and I have drawn a few of owls) very dark and ominous, much like "the great owl"... it was at that point I recognized how much this movie had impacted my artistic style subconsciously, even when I was a kid. So thank you to everyone involved with the making of such a great movie.

The poster is a 36 x 24 screenprint in a very limited edition of 140. It'll cost $55. Follow @OddCityNews for the exact on sale time Thursday August 8. Visit oddcityentertainment.com for more info.