'Haunter' Trailer And Poster: Abigail Breslin Is Trapped In A House Of Murder

Haunter is the new horror/thriller from Vincenzo Natali, who last gave us the crazy creature feature Splice. The film stars Abigail Breslin as a young woman trapped in her house, threatened by a murderous presence and plagued by visions of other victims that have fallen prey to the true owner of the home in which she's bound.

Check out the first trailer below, which culminates with a nicely chilling appearance from Stephen McHattie as the man Breslin's character has ample reason to fear.

This is a pretty good trailer for a movie that isn't all that great. There are good ideas here, and Breslin is good, but the film feels like it was developed and shot very quickly. It gets repetitive fast, and never quite builds the momentum of fear and thrills that would keep really humming along.

Haunter hits theaters and VOD on October 18.

There's a good synopsis of the film at the SXSW website, but I won't run it here because it gives away some details that the trailer keeps hidden. There isn't much in the synopsis that you won't know in the first act of the film. But festival recaps often give away a lot of details other marketing will hide, because audiences often don't have even a trailer to go on when choosing festival selection. So it's there if you want it, but the spoiler-phobic should shy away.