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Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn't make the front page of /Film. After the jump we've included 36 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It's like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness.

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5 Things We Know About Homeland Season 3

CG Animated Films Are Dominating the 2013 Global Box Office

Jack Kirby's 'Argo' Concept ArtJack Kirby's 'Argo' Concept Art Up for Auction

CBS channels disappear from Time Warner Cable, abruptly reappear

The 16 Must See Docs of 2013 So FarSTAR TREK INTO DARKNESS STARFLEET PHASER SETSTAR TREK INTO DARKNESS STARFLEET PHASER SETThe Sense of an Ending: One Problem Ruined Almost Every Summer Blockbuster this Year

'Wolverine': Why the Lowest-Opening Superhero Movie of the Summer Is Also the Best

Happy Little Bad Guys - Wave 2.

Happy Little Bad Guys – Wave 2.

Teller's 'Tim's Vermeer' Bought By Sony ClassicsWatch a Behind the scenes video of the Killer G.I. Joe 2 Ninja Fight15 Summer Movies So Hot You Can Almost Feel the Sweat Dripping Off the ScreenJaws Knife SharpenerJaws Knife SharpenerWorld War Z Now Opening in IMAX

Trailers From Hell: Katt Shea on THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM

Michael Moore Mounts His 9th Traverse City Film Festival with 150 ScreeningsDie Hard poster by Daniel NorrisDie Hard poster by Daniel NorrisManually Adjust Netflix Streaming Options With Hidden Settings

Special 'World of Color' Announcement from Imagineer Steve Davison at Disney California Adventure Park

Neil Patrick Harris's 5 Favorite Movie SongsX-Wing pilot's jacket hoody

X-Wing pilot's jacket hoody

DGA Awards Adds Categories, Welcomes Digital

Supercut: "Ice Ice Baby" as Sung by Famous Movie Clips

'The Simpsons' Eyed for Billion-Dollar Cable Syndication Sale

Sharknado CakeSharknado Cake

Don't Like Superheroes? Here Are Five Comics Out Now To Read

Lord of the Office: The Dark Cup Tower of Barad-DûrLord of the Office: The Dark Cup Tower of Barad-Dûr

Directors Guild Unveils 66th Annual DGA Awards Schedule

Bad Kitty t-shirt

Bad Kitty t-shirt

How to Reinvigorate the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' FranchiseThe World's End official T-shirtThe World's End official T-shirt15 Reasons You Miss "Entourage"

Netflix Explains Why It Doesn't Always Have That Film Or TV Show You Really Want To See

These Stephen King Connections Will Blow Your Mind

Star Wars Costumes at San Diego Comic-Con 2013Best Star Wars Costumes at San Diego Comic-Con 2013Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell Welcome 'Beautiful Boy'Buzz Lightyear Cake With Little Green Man

Buzz Lightyear Cake With Little Green Man

Millennium Picks Up Action Spec 'South China Sea'

The World's End w/ Cheers creditsOwen Wilson Comedy Casts 'Lords of Dogtown' John RobinsonZZ7338B022

The Force is Strong With This One [web comic]

Andy Fickman to Helm The Exes

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