Watch 'One Last Dive,' A One-Minute Horror Short From 'Hobo With A Shotgun' Director

Summer's a great time for horror and thrills that take place in the water. Jaws set a standard for horror in the deep, leading to dozens of films that take advantage of the inherent distrust many people have of an environment in which they are very much an intruder.

Director Jason Eisener has a horror segment featuring a bit of water action, and a lot of POV footage, that you can watch right now as part of V/H/S/2. (Available On Demand.) But if you want something more immediate, check out the 70-second film One Last Dive, which has a nice setup and a weird payoff that will make some of you jump out of your seat. As a bonus, it comes with three other one-minute films from other directors.

On the film's Vimeo page, Eisener says that, as part of the "3:07AM project," from Vice and The Conjuring, the "mission was to make a 1min 1 shot POV of something scary happening at 3:07am."

Here's the full program of shorts, including entries from Nacho Vigalondo, Max Landis, and Ti West. None are too gory, but at least one is not safe for work because of language.