Wait, How Expensive Is The Average Movie Ticket Now?

Call it inflation, call it the cost of helping pay for $200 million movies, but the average price of a movie ticket raises every single year. Every single year the record for most expensive average movie ticket is broken and 2013 follows the trend. What separates this year from others is that we've finally crossed the $8 threshold. The cost has been in the $7 range since 2008, But after being $7.96 in 2012, the average cost of a single movie ticket is now $8.38. That's a huge jump.

ScreenCrush reported the findings, which are from the National Association of Theater Owners. If you look back through history, the price always jumps up, but it's usually around 20 cents per year. This year, over 40 cents, is one of the largest jumps of all time.

Why is this? Think of a reason and it's probably true. Movie studios aren't making as much money, so they take more of the ticket price for themselves. That means theaters raises ticket prices. 3D movies are more prevalent. IMAX movies factor in. The list goes on and on.

The question becomes, how fast will the $10 movie ticket be the national average? At this rate, it could be much sooner than we'd ever thought.

How much is a movie in your hometown? I'll start. I pay $16 sometimes for a good theater in Los Angeles.