Superhero Bits: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Sandman, Joss Whedon

Want to watch Tom Hiddleston reenact the plot of Thor: The Dark World with action figures? What's going on on the set of X-Men Days of Future Past? How will Scarlet Witch look in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Who wins in a fight, The Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy? Which Superman story did Max Landis want to bring to TV? What's up with Bucky's hair in Captain America The Winter Soldier? When is the new Thor: The Dark World trailer coming? And who is the heart of Guardians of the Galaxy? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

An action scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past is choreographed on the street. Thanks to Adam Monteith (via Superhero Hype).

Speaking to Nerdist, Joss Whedon talked about the costume for Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Speaking to Extra (via CBM) Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana compare the Guardians of the Galaxy with The Avengers. (MTV got a similar interview.)

In an interview with Yahoo, James Mangold said he'd love to direct a Sandman movie.

I Am Rogue spoke to Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer Avi Arad about a bunch of misconceptions surrounding the film.

A new trailer for Thor: The Dark World will premiere August 7.

Got 40 minutes? Watch Superman super fan screenwriter Max Landis pitch his Death and Return of Superman TV show. Thanks to CBM.

World's Finest Online drops some news on three new Batman animated films out in 2014: Justice League: WarSon Of Batman, and Batman: Assault On Arkham.

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HitFix talked to James Gunn who said Rocket Raccoon is the heart of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Latino Review looks back all the superhero news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con.

Captain America Hoodie

A Captain America hoodie via Think Geek.

The Hollywood Reporter figures out how much Professor X's mansion costs.


A dude dressed as Robin proposed to his girlfriend dressed as Poison Ivy at Comic-Con, via Blastr.

E! Online spoke to Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who wore at Batman shirt at Comic-Con, said he'd love to play the character.

Yahoo got Tom Hiddleston to reenact Thor: The Dark World with action figures. Amazing.

What's up with The Winter Soldier's hair? Sebastian Stan dished to Io9.