Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Geeks Out For Jeff Bridges, Bruce Willis Bored By 'Red 2' Interview

Press junket interviews are usually so stale. You have so little time to talk to these celebrities, it's near impossible to get a good, interesting, in-depth answer to a decent question. That's why interviews where something awkward or different happens tend to go viral.

Two such interviews just popped online. One features Jennifer Lawrence totally geeking out on a press line when she catches a glimpse of Jeff Bridges. The other is Bruce Willis being brutally honest, and totally uncomfortable, with a very upbeat reporter. Check them both out below.

Thanks to Film Drunk for the heads up on Jennifer Lawrence video, which is actually from Extra TV. The moment happens at 2:30.

How cute is that? She's just the coolest. And you've gotta love her publicist pushing her, and Lawrence running away in fright.

Next, here's the Bruce Willis Red 2 interview. Thanks to @ErikDavis for the heads up, but it comes from Extra 105.4.

I literally couldn't make it through this whole interview. It made me too uncomfortable. I only made it to 2:25. Can you make it all the way?