Here's What Happens In The First Scene Of The 'Breaking Bad' Season Premiere

Why does Walter White have a beard, what's he doing with that thing in the trunk and what happens after the toilet? These are just some of the questions that will be answered starting August 11 when the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad begin to air. The majority of the show's cast, along with creator Vince Gilligan, took the Hall H stage on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the show's legacy. They surprised the audience by showing the pre-title cold open from the season premiere.

If you'd like to know what happens, we have a detailed description below, but fair warning it includes MAJOR SPOILERS. Check back soon for a non-spoiler recap of the panel.

Again, MAJOR SPOILERS for the premiere episode of Breaking Bad.

The show starts with close-ups on a few kids skateboarding. It's all in extreme close-ups and then it pulls back. They're in Walt's pool. Pull back again and we see the entire White residence completely boarded up and surrounded by a fence with "Warning" signs on it. Something very, very bad happened here. It's been condemned.

A familiar car pulls up and out steps Walter White, in a full beard just like the mysterious first scene of last season. He gets out of the car, goes into the trunk and pulls out a tire-iron. But we see a massive M-16 in there too. He uses the iron to squeeze through the fence and then pry open his door.

Now Walt's inside his old house and it's barren. Desolate. Nothing on the floor or walls except some debris. With one exception. The word "Heisenberg" is painted across one of the walls in huge block letters. Walt looks at it quietly, then hears the skateboarding. He peers through some blinds and surveys the kids. Then, he slowly walks up the hallway and the camera gives us glimpses of some of Walt's hiding places: Under the floor, in the vent. Finally he walks into the bedroom, takes out a quarter and looses up an electrical socket. The socket where he hid the ricin.

He takes out the ricin and walks back to the car. There, his neighbor spots him . She has a bag of groceries but is frozen. She's petrified to see Walt standing there, in the flesh. Why? We don't know. But Walt says, "Hi Carol." And she drops the bag of groceries in shock. Then the familiar music and title. Breaking Bad.

See it for yourself on August 11 on AMC.