Vin Diesel Promises Big News On The Marvel Studios Front

Briefly: At the end of today's Riddick panel at Comic Con, room was made for one last question. A guy stepped up to ask Vin Diesel what his vision — emphasis on that word — might be for his possible role in the Marvel Universe. The actor laughed and said he regretted allowing one last question, since it brought up the one thing he's not supposed to talk about.

Diesel then said that there is "some very big news coming at the end of the month" with respect to Marvel. Why it would take place later in the month, rather than at Marvel's panel tomorrow, is open to question. Regardless, he's continuing the long tease about just what he might end up doing for Marvel Studios. The same range of speculation about the answer continues, with the idea of him voicing Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy or playing Vision in The Avengers 2 being the biggest options fans are talking about. (One writer said Diesel told him the role involves a love story, which vaguely suggests he could play Thanos, the being who is in love with Death.)