Syfy Considers Unleashing Another 'Sharknado'

Last night's sharknado did untold damage to Southern California, wrecking the coastline, the roads, and even the iconic Hollywood sign. But apparently Syfy has no sympathy for the disaster's poor victims, because they're eager to unleash another. Though nothing's officially set just yet, Syfy is already discussing the possibility of a Sharknado sequel. Hit the jump for more details.

Ratings-wise, Sharknado wasn't actually wasn't a massive hit. Depending on which outlet you believe, it drew either just over 1 million viewers, which places it below average for a Syfy original, or 1.4 million viewers, which puts it on par with similar programs. Either way, those numbers aren't anything to get excited about.

But in terms of buzz, Sharknado was a phenomenon. According to analytics firm Fizziology (via THR), the B-movie attracted up to 5,000 tweets a minute yesterday, making it the top-trending topic on Twitter. In total, it inspired over 600,000 tweets last night. That's more than twice what Game of Thrones' infamous Red Wedding episode got when it aired earlier this summer.

It's also more than Syfy expected, even after the marketing campaign ("Enough said!") went viral in the months leading up to the premiere. "We've had other movies where the titles would catch some buzz, like Sharktopus or Jersey Shore Shark Attack," Vitale commented to Variety. "But the level that Sharknado reached, that was a surprise. It's one of those happy accidents."

Since Syfy counts on these films to "market themselves" for free by getting attention online, that's a big plus. Additionally, all that chatter should help Sharknado draw decent ratings on repeat airings — like the one planned for 7 PM next Thursday, to lead into the Frankie Muniz-starring Blast Vegas.

Discuss: My big question, then, is how they'll possibly top that tagline. I'm pretty sure "Enough said!" is a tagline that's ruined me for all other taglines.