Ed Helms Will 'Stretch' With Joe Carnahan And Patrick Wilson

UPDATE: A few minor tweaks have been made to this story since it was first published.

Preliminary details on Joe Carnahan's latest film, a small budget thriller produced by horror guru Jason Blum, have now been revealed. We already knew it was called Stretch and that Patrick Wilson (Insidious, Watchmen) would be the star. Now Ed Helms, whose summer scheduled freed up when Vacation was put on hold, has been cast. According to reports, Wilson plays a down on his luck chauffeur who takes a risky job driving around a mysterious billionaire to settle some debts. Helms plays a colleague, of sorts, to Wilson and Chris Pine also stars.

Variety broke the news of the casting and the updated plot summary.

So we now know what the "Stretch" of Stretch refers to: a limousine. And we know Wilson's character will be serving a billionaire in some way that's worth a lot of money. But what exactly is the dynamic? Are we talking Collateral, where a hitman hires a cab driver to drive him around in dangerous situations, or The Lincoln Lawyer, where it's just a guy driving around? Or maybe one of those premises with a different tone — something like the SXSW film Cheap Thrills, where a rich guy provokes a couple broke guys into craziness by offering them cash.

Odds are, with Blum and Carnahan behind the scenes, as well as the "stripped down, bare bones basics" the director described, we're looking at something gritty, scary and visceral. Are you looking forward to Stretch?

Here's Carnahan's confirmation, which also shows Chris Pine.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter now adds that Pine will be playing the rich and mysterious passenger and Helms' role is of a fellow limo driver. A dead limo driver that serves as the conscious of Wilson's character.