Watch The Trailer For 'Spook Central,' A Documentary Analyzing 'Ghostbusters'

Whether it's about a real movie, like the documentary Room 237, or a fake movie, like in Robert Altman's The Player, there's a lot of potential in making a movie about another movie. There's just something special about taking the post-movie experience of analyzing and sharing opinions and moving it from the lobby into the theater. And while it happens on a pretty frequent basis, rarely do major blockbusters get the star treatment.

A director calling himself Ivo Shandor (more on that below) is making his own movie about a movie, but he's tackling a true fan favorite: Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year. He's made a documentary called Spook Central, which takes the 1984 blockbuster and dissects it looking for subtext, subliminal messages and more. The first trailer is out now and whether you like it or not, there's no way you'll watch Ghostbusters the same ever again.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the trailer.

There's no word on the status of this documentary, how far into production it is, where or when we might see it, but I'd imagine the 2014 30th anniversary timing isn't a coincidence.

It'll be interesting to hear more about this movie going forward, though. The ideas presented in the trailer – of the film as a statement on health, smoking, sexuality and more – seem pretty far out there. Almost everyone considers Ghostbusters as little more than a well-written and cleverly acted, high-concept, summer comedy. Where as Room 237's look at The Shining was based on the knowledge that its director was well-known for being meticulous, Ivan Reitman doesn't share that reputation. Spook Central's success will hinge on the credibility of its subjects.

Have you ever thought about any of those issues in Ghostbusters?

NOTE: /Film reader Ben T pointed out that "Ivo Shandor" is the name of a character in the original film. The plot thickens.