LOL: Buzz Aldrin Explains Why 'After Earth' Isn't Realistic

After Earth has been slammed by critics for many reasons, from Jaden Smith's lackluster performance to the plodding pace to the shoddy CG work. But Buzz Aldrin has to be one of the few folks whose grievances stem from personal experience with outer space travel.

While the astronaut stated that he enjoyed the M. Night Shyamalan-directed adventure overall, he complained that its space scenes were unrealistic. That shouldn't come as a shocker to anyone — Hollywood films, sci-fi or otherwise, are rarely accurate depictions of real life — but if you're curious to find out exactly what his point of contention is, hit the jump to keep reading.

The characters' action-packed stay on the foreign planet (well, foreign to them) didn't mesh with Aldrin's memory of stepping on the moon, either. "The place was just totally lifeless," he recalled. But of course, visiting a desolate moon and encountering actual non-Earth life are two different things. "I hope the aliens are more peaceful than they are in this film, wherever they are," he said jokingly.

Despite those issues, Aldrin actually seemed to like the film more than most, praising Will Smith and Jaden Smith's father-son dynamic and the futuristic set design. "The scenes of the cities were really remarkable," he said.

As for where entertainment junkies can turn to get a little more "science" in their science fiction, Aldrin had one suggestion: "Arthur C. Clarke added a bit of reality to the genre with the (function) of the ship and people flying out in space on a mission."