Read The Essential And Long Out Of Print Book 'The Making Of Kubrick's 2001'

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The internet is a treasure trove of material relating to film, but there is an equally massive amount of information that has never been fully digitized. Decades of books and magazines are only partially represented online. Even as Google Books and other services continue the process of porting printed works to the internet, there's a lot of stuff left to (re)discover. In short, the only way to learn everything there is to know about any given film is to amass and study a library of printed material.

One of the more essential movie books, however, has been made available online. The 1970 The Making of Kubrick's 2001, edited by Jerome Angel, is long out of print, and will run you around $100 used. (From a seller who knows what they have, at least.) But the book has been fully digitized, and you can read it below.

Cinephilia And Beyond (via The Playlist) has the Scribd embed of the book that features everything from Arthur C. Clarke's original short story 'The Sentinel' to Kubrick's long Playboy interview, and plenty of photos and interviews with those who worked on the film. There's bound to be something here that most readers haven't seen or learned yet.

The Making of Kubricks 2001