Trivia: How Steven Spielberg Won Millions Of 'Star Wars' Dollars In A Bet With George Lucas

At this point, there's likely nothing that could be said about Star Wars that many fans don't already know. After almost 40 years of interviews, videos, re-releases, and books, every story concerning George Lucas' milestone film has likely been told. So, with that preamble, here's one I don't remember hearing. Some of you might know it; many probably don't.

Apparently, George Lucas was so depressed during post-production on Star Wars that he took a vacation to visit his friend Steven Spielberg on the set of his film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. While there, the pair made a bet and that bet has been paying off handsomely for Spielberg ever since. Read about it below. has the full story, but here's Spielberg's take on the bet:

George came back from Star Wars a nervous wreck. He didn't feel Star Wars came up to the vision he initially had. He felt he had just made this little kids' movie. He came to Mobile, Alabama where I was shooting Close Encounters on this humongous set, and hung out with me for a couple of days.

He said, 'Oh my God, your movie is going to be so much more successful than Star Wars. This is gonna be the biggest hit of all time'. He said, 'You want to trade some points? I'll give you two and a half per cent of Star Wars if you give me two and a half per cent of Close Encounters.' I said, 'Sure, I'll gamble with that, great.' Close Encounters made so much money and rescued Columbia from bankruptcy. It was the most money I ever made, but it was a meager success story. Star Wars was a phenomenon and I was the happy beneficiary of a couple of points from that movie which I am still seeing money on today.

How much exactly? According to the post, he's probably made about $46.675 million dollars...and counting. Read more over on CelebrityNetWorth. Did you know about this?