Chinese 'Iron Man 3' Scenes To Be Turned Into Short FIlm

Audiences worldwide will eventually get to see the extended Iron Man 3 scenes that were exclusive to China. Director Shane Black shot several scenes in the country, with native actors Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing, that are all but absent from the domestic cut of the film. They remain in Chinese theaters, but reportedly don't add much.

Now it seems those scenes will be at the center of an upcoming Marvel short film tentatively called The Prologue.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, revealing the scenes will be mostly comprised of how Xueqi's character, Dr. Wu, interacts with Tony Stark in the Iron Man 3 opening flashback, which takes place in the '90s, before the events of the first Iron Man film. He also appears briefly near the film's ending helping Tony with a lingering problem, but it's unclear if that will be part of the short. (It could be, as Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle filmed scenes with the actor.)

There's no definite plans on when or where The Prologue will be released, but the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray seems like a pretty safe bet. To read more about the scenes in question, check out this story.

Also of interest is the DMG Productions, the Chinese company that helped bring Iron Man 3 to the country, is very unhappy with the results of the shoot and eventual cut. You can read more about it at the Hollywood Reporter, but basically they made every concession to feature their country in the film and feel that their efforts to depict modern China were for nothing.