Watch Seven Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes B-Roll From 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Most of us will never get to visit a J.J. Abrams set. The director is simply too protective about his work to let anyone not directly involved with the production linger as cameras roll. Thankfully, Paramount has released a seven-minute video from the set of Star Trek Into Darkness that puts the viewer right on the bridge of the Enterprise.

The video is a long montage of the film's production, featuring actors like Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine when they're not filming, Abrams directing various scenes, all kinds of different camera set ups, and more. It's a fascinating snapshot of Abrams and the Enterprise crew in action.

The biggest question you probably have is, "Does this video contain spoilers?" The answer is "well, kind of." For example, the video in no way reveals any of the film's crucial twists or turns. However, if you watch it and analyze some of the dialogue, deliveries, situations, and costumes, there is plenty here that has yet to be revealed.

Still, if you've watched all the trailers, TV spots and interviews leading up to the film's May 17 release, you'll be fine. If you've been avoiding spoilers, click "bookmark" and come back later.

Thanks to Collider for this really cool and enlightening video.


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