VOTD: Watch J.J. Abrams Discuss 'Star Wars' With Simon Pegg

There is no news about Star Wars Episode VII in this post. I'm sorry, but it's true. However if you're a Star Wars fan like me, ready to eat up any and all content related to J.J. Abrams and his highly anticipated movie, you'll enjoy this.

Below is a short video featuring Abrams discussing the franchise, and his fandom, with fellow Star Wars nerd Simon Pegg. Pegg, of course, has worked with Abrams on several films including this month's Star Trek Into Darkness. He's also a massive Star Wars fan who was truly hurt when the prequels came out.

Check out the video below.

Here's the video of Pegg and Abrams talking thanks to Sky Movies.

And just to shine a light on Pegg's fandom, here's a clip from an episode of Spaced.