'Girl Most Likely' Trailer: Kristen Wiig Has A Quirky Indie Meltdown

It would've been easy for Kristen Wiig to keep riding the Bridesmaids train with a sequel. Lord knows Universal would've been happy if she did. But instead, the Saturday Night Live alum took the road less traveled with a string of indies, including her passion project Girl Most Likely (formerly Imogene).

Directed by American Splendor's Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pucini, the comedy follows a New York playwright (Wiig) who's released into the care of her Jersey-trash mother (Annette Bening) following a suicide attempt. Mom and daughter don't exactly get along, and tensions are high at first, but... well, you can probably guess where this is headed. Matt Dillon and Darren Criss also star. Watch the first trailer after the jump.

Bening and Dillon look like they're having a lot of fun with their over-the-top performances. Wiig doesn't go quite as big as they do, but she doesn't need to — she can be hilarious and subdued at the same time, as we saw in Bridesmaids. And the potentially dark premise sounds like a good fit for Springer Berman and Pulcini, who found a nice balance of humor and pathos in the Harvey Pekar biopic American Splendor.

All of which makes me think Girl Most Likely should look better than it does. The plot seems to cover coming-of-middle-age territory we've seen covered in a hundred other films in recent years, and the broadly comic tone seems like it'd get old quick. I love a big, goofy comedy as much as anyone, but in this case I think the story would've been better served by a subtler approach.

But fans of Wiig needn't despair if this one turns out to be a bust. The very busy actress has several more projects coming down the pipeline in the near future, including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Girl Most Likely lands in theaters July 19.