Colin Firth Joins Matthew Vaughn's 'Secret Service'

Colin Firth is ready to step into the world of comic book movies. The Oscar winner has entered talks to star in Matthew Vaughn's The Secret Service, an adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' comic book of the same title. Firth would play a James Bond-esque figure who takes his nephew under his wing and grooms him for spy work. More details after the jump.

Vaughn and frequent collaborator Jane Goldman co-wrote the script. Described by Millar as "James Bond meets My Fair Lady," the story follows a young man named Gary from a tough London neighborhood who's enrolled into spy school by his Uncle Jack (Firth). The role of Firth's protege has not been cast, although Aaron Taylor-Johnson was reportedly in the mix before scheduling conflicts intervened.

Firth's had a long and varied career that's bounced between comedy, romance, drama, and combinations of the three, but the more action-y Secret Service would mark a change of pace for him. That said, he did play a British intelligence agent in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy not too long ago, so he's not entering totally unfamiliar territory here. Firth next appears in the West Memphis Three drama The Devil's Knot by Atom Egoyan.

In addition to Uncle Jack and Gary, the comic book's cast of characters includes real-life figures like Mark Hamill and Ridley Scott. Millar has reportedly already spoken to Hamill about possibly making an appearance, but neither is officially signed on at this time.

[Source: Latino Review]