Superhero Bits: Man Of Steel, Iron Man 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, The Wolverine, Catwoman

So is Thanos not in Marvel Phase Two after all? How is Superman's flying different in Man of Steel? Want to see a clip of the Air Force One scene in Iron Man 3? Does Don Cheadle think he'll do a War-Machine spinoff? What would Disney's Haunted Mansion look like if Batman took over? Where can you read the full track listing to Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel score? Read about all that and more in today's Superhero Bits.

This Iron Man 3 clip highlights one of the film's biggest action scenes. Thanks to iTunes via Superhero Hype.

Zack Snyder talked to SFX Magazine about Man of Steel, including the style of his flying:

It's a more violent experience. It's raw. It takes effort to do it, and that's what we were really going for. It's almost like there's this kind of Right Stuff quality to it. He's constantly booming around, accelerating. You think he's going as fast as he can and then it's like 'Yeeaahh!' He's always got an extra gear he can use.

General Zod KaiMTV Geek posted images of these Man of Steel Kai toys, including General Zod.Film Music Reporter has the full track listing for Hans Zimmer's score to Man of Steel. Minor spoilers.arkham_origins_screenGame Informer (via SHH) posted several new stills from Batman: Arkham Origins.

Man of Steel screenwriter David Goyer did a Reddit AMA where he discussed pressures of Man of Steel, the Batman films and possibly writing Justice League. Comic Book Movie has a recap.

Wolverine smallUSA Today posted some new photos from summer blockbusters such as The Wolverine.Thanos creator Jim Starlin took to Facebook (via Comic Book) to clarify though he heard Thanos would be in The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, he now isn't sure.

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Fortress Solitude smallEntertainment Weekly broke down the Man of Steel trailer and learned some secrets about the Fortress of Solitude.Empire Online (via CBM) spoke to Don Cheadle with some spoiler thoughts on a War Machine spin-off.Catwoman-New-52-ArtFX-StatueGeek Alerts posted this impressive New 52 Catwoman statue.IGN reports a new Scribblenauts game that's coming out will be filled with DC superheroes.Paul Shipper - Iron man 3Paul Shipper did this gorgeous Iron Man 3 piece.Cracked lists the top five awesomely bad comic book movies.haunted_arkham_asylum_by_artistabe

DeviantArtist ArtistAbe imagined what Disney's Haunted Mansion would be like if Batman took over. Thanks to Laughing Squid.

Gamma Squad has a funny series of photos of superhero text messages.