VOTD: Patton Oswalt Pitches Epic 'Star Wars' Plot In 'Parks & Rec' Outtake

Star Wars Episode VII already has a writer in Michael Arndt, but on this week's Parks & Recreation Patton Oswalt will make a good case for ditching Arndt and turning the scripting duties over to him instead.

In the episode, the comedian-writer plays a Pawnee citizen attempting to filibuster a city council vote. To fill the time, he improvises an epic eight-minute speech outlining exactly what he thinks Star Wars Episode VII should be. Somehow we can't really imagine Ardnt and JJ Abrams signing off on the idea of a robot-spider-bodied Chewbacca, but until the movie comes out we can dream. Watch the full video after the jump.

Oswalt's full eight-minute speech is sadly way too long fit into a 22-minute episode. But that's what the Internet is for. And I can't think of a more Internet-friendly rant than one that features Oswalt on an episode of Parks & Rec, tying in Star Wars, Marvel, Clash of the Titans, and Brian De Palma. There's even a Marco Rubio reference for good measure. The only thing it's missing is a cat that plays the keyboard.

It's times like this that I truly regret Ben Wyatt is no longer with the Pawnee city government. You just know the town's resident nerd king would have something to say about Oswalt's vision of Episode VII. Come to think of it, the fact that Leslie claims not to have recognized any of the names before "Tony Stark" is a little worrying. How has he not made her watch the Star Wars movies already? Does she just tune him out when he talks? Marriage is a two-way street, Leslie!