Check Out Dave Perillo's 'The Empire Strikes Back' Poster, Available Friday

Bounty hunters, giant worms and the biggest reveal in movie history. Artist Dave Perillo strikes back with his second Star Wars poster. Back in February, the artist released an awesome poster for Star Wars and now he's completed the sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Acme Archives is releasing the 12 x 36 inch silkscreen in an edition of 250 on April 19. It's comprised of all your favorite scenes from what's widely considered the best of the six Star Wars films. Check it out, exclusively, below.

Here's Perillo's Empire Strikes Back poster.

Dave Perillo - Empire Strikes Back

Where's Han Solo in Carbonite? I'd imagine he'll be on a third poster, for Return of the Jedi, which I'm sure we can expect over the summer.

This poster costs $50 and goes on sale Friday April 19 at a random time. Follow @AcmeArchives for the info and keep refreshing this on sale page.