Neill Blomkamp Talks 'District 10' And 'Halo,' Hints At His Reluctance To Tackle 'Star Wars'

When Disney announced they'd be making new Star Wars movies, one person many people thought would be perfect to direct was Neill Blomkamp. The director of District 9 and the upcoming Elysium has already exhibited an incredible talent to make high octane sci-fi action with rich characters and complex themes. Just the kind of stuff that made the original Star Wars movies great.

J.J. Abrams, not Blomkamp, is directing Star Wars Episode VII. Before that was official, however, Abrams said he didn't think he could direct because "it comes with the burden of being that kind of iconic movie and series." At Monday's Elysium press event, also attended by Star Wars Episode VII producer and Star Wars spinoff writer, Simon Kinberg, Blomkamp said something incredibly similar.

When asked if he would ever circle back to the two unique worlds he created in District 9 and Elysium, Blomkamp said he has more to explore in the world of District 9, and that's easy because it's a world he built. He doesn't have to answer to anyone. That lead to a tangent about his failed attempt at making Halo and, eventually, the sentiment that there are other "pieces of cinema history" and "iconic characters" he'd like to make films about, but he gets "an allergic reaction" when he "dips his toes" in. But "maybe one day I'll end up doing something like that."  And as he was saying that, Kinberg smirked.

A speculative stretch? Absolutely. But the quote, the context, and more simply scream "Star Wars." Read the full quotes below.

Here's what Blomkamp said when he was asked if he would ever circle back to his own material. He confirms that he wants to go back to the world of District 9, but it's all important to create context for the possible Star Wars reference, which is bolded:

I don't actively sit down and say I'm going to do my own stuff and that I want everything to be original. One of the things I learned with Halo... I actually still really like the world and universe of Halo and if I was given control, I would like to do that film. But that's the problem. When something pre-exists there's this idea of 'I have my interpretation of what that is' but along with it comes like 150 other people involved with the film's interpretation of the same intellectual property. And then the entire filmgoing audience has their interpretation. And you can live up to or fail in their eyes. And that part of it isn't appealing to me. But the original pieces are appealing.

In terms of sequels to my own stuff, a lot of it just comes down to if there's more to say. And I think the world of District 9 has a lot of very interesting race and oppression-based ideas that I would still like to explore in that world. Again, I have zero problems, I'll make my own stuff or whatever you want to call it, sequalize my own stuff.

And then there's a few pieces of cinema history that I like so much I don't know whether I could be involved with them. There's, you know, there's iconic characters that I really like that I would love to get closer to and make a film about. When I start dipping my toes into it, I get this allergic reaction. Maybe one day I'll end up doing something like that.

Insert Kinberg smirk.

I mean, what other pieces of cinema history could Blomkamp be talking about with Kinberg sitting right there? X-Men? That's not "cinema history." Kinberg, of course, is producing Elysium with Blomkamp and writing his own Star Wars spinoff movie. But he doesn't direct. It sure sounds like a possibility that he's talked to Blomkamp about directing his spinoff and that Blomkamp has reservations.

Again – there's no confirmation on this, but, all the crumbs are there. What do you think?