Everything Wrong With 'The Dark Knight' In 4 Minutes Or Less

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is a shining example of a what a comic book movie can be. It's dark and exciting, and the performances are as rich as the story. In fact, the film is so well-regarded some fans put it on an unattainable pedestal and vehemently attack anyone who dare say anything negative about Nolan's second entry in his Batman trilogy.

But the film has some problems. A plot hole here, questionable motivation there. While most people tend to forgive those for the sake of pure, well-made entertainment, the CinemaSins team is not among those people. They've done the unthinkable, and created a sure-to-be controversial video calling out everything wrong with The Dark Knight in four minutes or less.

Thanks to Laughing Squid for the heads up and CinemaSins for the work. Let the battle begin.

After watching that, you'd be hard pressed to "disagree" with many of the points. The dividers in the bedroom for example. But really, is this what we've come to? Picking on the production design of a room we see once, in one shot, and calling it something "wrong" with the film? It works for humorous effect (this video in particular has a bunch of joking asides that make it funnier than some of their other videos) but I imagine that some people will disagree that many of these things are "wrong."

What did you think of CinemaSins' Dark Knight video?