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Header Photo: James Hance's 'Home' (Up / Star Wars tribute)

How David Carr Became the Daddy of GirlsOn The Rise: 10 Actresses To Watch In 20131983 - Never Forget

1983 – Never Forget t-shirt: "In 1983, several million unsold Atari E.T. cartridges are believed to have been dumped into a New Mexico landfill.The mass burial was due to one of the biggest commercial failures in video gaming. Never Forget."

Four Theories on The Shining From the New Documentary Room 237On The Rise: 10 Actresses To Watch In 2013

How To Film Bullet Time Action Shots With an Army of Go-ProsThe 5 Stupidest Decisions You Didn't Notice in Famous MoviesTop 10 Movies Made For Less Than $100,000ZZ15A59309The 25 Best Movie-Inspired Graffiti PiecesThe Da Vinci Code Celebrates 10 Years With A Free eBook And Prologue To Dan Brown's Inferno

Video: Hilarious Side Effects of the 'House of Cards' Binge ViewJoel McHale, Heidecker & More Witness 'A Friggin' Christmas Miracle'Mystic Manor

Hong Kong Disneyland has announced that Mystic Manor will open in May

Anthony Bourdain's CNN Series 'Parts Unknown' To Premiere April 14

Watch 'The Office Revisited' Special with Ricky Gervais as David BrentSarah Silverman in Talks to Play Prostitute in Seth MacFarlane WesternZZ2EC97C55Crood-ify Yourself With This Photo Booth App Featuring DreamWorks' 'The Croods'

Sky Movies app finally arrives on Android

'Game of Thrones'-'Princess Bride' Mashup Is Perfection

Apple Is Hit With A Lawsuit By THX

The Turtles' Quest

The Turtles' Quest

What to Wear on a 100-Year Starship VoyageMasters of the Universe CompendiumMasters of the Universe Compendium

Netflix to give $100,000 in prizes to developers who best improve the cloud

Django Unchained poster by Matthew BrazierDjango Unchained poster by Matthew Brazier To Shut Down

Barf from 'Spaceballs' Tattoo

Barf from 'Spaceballs' Tattoo

Buy One Get One Free on Select $10 Blu-rays: Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Insidious, Battle: Los Angeles & More $10 for 2 + Free ShippingChestburster Pencil Carving

Chestburster Pencil Carving Will Haunt Your Dreams

SXSW: 'Short Term 12', 'The Short Game' Take Audience Awards

Portraits For Season Three of New Portraits For Season Three of "Game of Thrones"

Disney Channel's New 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' TV Movie Draws 5.9 Million Viewers

Star Wars CookiesStar Wars CookiesBox Office: #1 'Oz' Holds For $281.8M Worldwide Cume; Halle Berry In #2 'The Call' Beats Carell-Carrey In #3 Bomb 'Burt Wonderstone'ZZ072C65DB

"What's This?" Artwork Fuses Who with Halloweentown

Kate Beckinsale in Talks for Millennium's 'Eliza Graves'Donnie Darko poster by Mike LanglieDonnie Darko poster by Mike Langlie

'Men in Black' Writer to Rework Will Smith's 'Colossus'

Die Hard John McClane Figure By DakeDie Hard John McClane Figure By Dake

VFX Community Calls For Trade Org, Contract Standards And/Or Union At Lively Town Hall

Watch: Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling Takes You On A Tour Of Cornwall, Ontario

Actress Suing IMDb Plans to Have Nine Other Actors Testify at Trial

Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling In 'The Company You KeepNew Photos Of Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling, Robert Redford & More In 'The Company You Keep'

Dolby Atmos Movie Count Tops 30 Titles

B-roll footage from Trance

'Spring Breakers' Scores Top Limited Opening of 2013, But Big Challenge Lies Ahead

OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Concept Art Of The Emerald CityOZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Concept Art Of The Emerald City

'The Host's' Max Irons Headed to 'Posh'

Escape the Dark Forest t-shirt

Escape the Dark Forest t-shirt

Danny Boyle Came "Close To Walking Away" From Olympics Opening CeremonyTiny Half-Inch Papercraft Millennium Falcon

Tiny Half-Inch Papercraft Millennium Falcon

Verizon only wants to pay for the TV channels its viewers are watching

Victorian TARDIS Gown

Victorian TARDIS Gown

Watch this, friends: Netflix already built and killed an amazing social network

KAWS/JAWS Parody Print by Shifty x Fugi.meKAWS/JAWS Parody Print by Shifty x (March 22 Sale)American Horror Story Season 3 Has a TitleStar Wars Scum and Villainy Family Car DecalsStar Wars Scum and Villainy Family Car Decals

The last episode of The Office has finished filming

13 of my favorite films in 8-bit.

Drive in 8bit8 Misleading Movies Re-titled in Honor of 'Big Ass Spider'Doctor Who CakeDoctor Who Cake

Twelve of Our Favorite Kurt Russell Performances in Honor of His Birthday

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