Superhero Bits: The Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men Days Of Future Past, Man Of Steel, General Zod

Want to see a new image from the set of The Wolverine? (You already did, it's above.) What does Russell Crowe have to say about Man of Steel? Why are Peter Parker's eyes gone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Will James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart appear together in X-Men: Days of Future Past? What was the Deadpool video game rated? Does Joss Whedon think making a Hulk solo film is impossible? Can Spider-Man's webs actually stop a train? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Russell Crowe talks about Man of Steel on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.The Huffington Post has a great interview with Bryan Singer talking about a bunch of things, including X-Men Days of Future Past:

I just can't really wait to work with everybody on what is a very good story. It's a story that that really involves all of those characters and really puts them to good use. They're not just thrown in for the sake of it. And it's also a very epic story and takes place in multiple times. And, also you'll see, there will be things that haven't been in an X-Men film yet that fans and non-fans alike will appreciate.


Perez Hilton posted a few more Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos including Andrew Garfield without the eyes.

Speaking to Empire (via SHH) James McAvoy said he doesnt think the new and old Professor Xavier's will meet in X-Men Days of Future Past.

We ran this trailer last week but now that the Batman documentary Legends of the Knight is fully funded and in production, here it is again. Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the update.

The Deadpool video game was given a Mature rating. Click here to read all the specific reasons. Thanks to SHH.

Deviant Artist Enoch16 created this Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser poster.

Another exceeding cool piece of spoiler-filled Iron Man 3 concept art has leaked. Comic Book Movie has already taken it down but some other sites still have it up. Beware of spoilers.

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Cool new behind the scenes photo from The Wolverine from James Mangold.

The new Empire, with Iron Man 3 on the cover, has some new details on the plot of the film. Read the quotes at Comic Book Movie.

Check out this Superior Spider-Man t-shirt from Geek Alerts.

Geek Chocolate (via CBM) ran a quote from Joss Whedon about the difficulties in making a solo Hulk movie.

Hulk is a tricky son of a bitch. He's the Claudio of superheroes. Because the problem is it's a very popular character, but it's not a superhero. Half of it's a superhero, half of it's a werewolf. And you can't structure it like a superhero movie, you can't light it like a superhero movie. How do you develop that? It would be extremely difficult. The one thing you would have in your favour would be Mark Ruffalo. But right now I don't know if they have plans to do that or not, because he works so well as part of a greater whole, but by himself, it's tough. I don't envy the guys who went before.

Xombie Dirge (via Geeks Are Sexy) posted a bunch of superhero/rock and roll drawings. Very ran an article about how students proved Spider-Man's webs could, in fact, stopped a train.Terence Stamp approves of this shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere.