Oscar Ads: Tim Burton Pitches 'Unicorn Apocalypse', Apple Name-Checks David Fincher, Grey Poupon Digs Up Lost Footage

Despite the oft-repeated observation that the Oscars are the Super Bowl of movies, only the actual Super Bowl has managed to turn its commercial breaks into an event as big as the game itself. But the Academy Awards telecast is still a prime spot for brands wanting to make an impression, and some companies went to extra mile to tailor their promos specifically for the Oscars' movie-loving audience.

Samsung's new promo for their Galaxy Note prominently featured Tim Burton mulling over a (fake) project about a unicorn apocalypse, while their competitors over at Apple name-checked David Fincher, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future to promote the iPad. Meanwhile, the geniuses working for Kraft brought back the "Pardon me" Grey Poupon campaign of the '80s, only with a more blockbuster-friendly spin. Hit the jump to watch them all.

For the record, I would be legitimately on board if Burton decided to direct a movie called Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness. Even the inevitable casting of Johnny Depp as Hornelius could mark a welcome change of pace for their partnership; based on the sketches shown above, it'd probably be a mo-cap performance, which means Depp could stay out of the white pancake makeup for once. But it's probably not meant to be. As Burton notes above, some things are too strange even for him.

The iPad ad is just a fun, movie-centric take on the typical Apple commercial format. It doesn't feature any one director, like the Samsung one does, but it does manage to cram in a reference to Fincher and clips of Back to the Future, Apollo 13, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — all in the space of 30 seconds.

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Finally, Grey Poupon took a page out of Hollywood's playbook by providing a sequel of sorts to an old, old video. Hey, if the Indiana Jones, Die Hard, and Star Wars franchises can push out new installments after a decade or more, why can't everyone's favorite brand of Dijon mustard?

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Brilliant. And considering that sequels, retro properties, and elderly action stars are all big in Hollywood right now, very on-trend.

For reference, the original commercial: