Trivia: Mark Wahlberg Was Asked To Play Captain Kirk In J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek'

We love hearing stories about actors who almost played famous roles. It's fun to think of Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones, Christopher Walken as Han Solo, or to consider any of the other roles Harrison Ford didn't end up playing. And now we can add a new one to the list.

In a new interview, Mark Wahlberg revealed J.J. Abrams asked him to play Captain George Kirk, aka James Kirk's father, in Star Trek. The role eventually went to Chris Hemsworth, well before he was famous for Thor, but the reason Wahlberg didn't do the film is pretty funny. Check it out below.

Thanks to Total Film for this great clip.

I expect lots and lots of "Maybe Wahlberg didn't understand the script because it was actually good" jokes to follow.

Can you picture Wahlberg in Star Trek? What about Star Wars? It seemed like, at the end, he was saying he'd be open to being in that film.