Dwayne Johnson Won't Be 'Lobo' After All

With all the uncertainty surrounding Warner Bros.' exploitation of DC characters, we shouldn't be surprised to hear that a film featuring intergalactic bad-ass Lobo is maybe not happening soon.

Last year Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) came on to direct Lobo, and Dwayne Johnson soon said he was attached to the role. And then... crickets. We've heard just about zip about Lobo since. WB and DC talk has all been about Justice League, Batman, and Superman. And whether WB's focus on other properties is to blame or not, at the very least we know that Johnson has fallen away from the project.

Speaking to MTV, the Rock says,

[Lobo] was [happening] for a minute, but then it kind of... just... went away. As things happen in Hollywood.

Here's the video:

That doesn't mean the movie is dead, but as with so many other DC characters that have been in development to leap to the big screen, it sounds like there isn't a game plan in place to move Lobo forward.

So what's next for Johnson? His next shoot is Hercules, which he calls a passion project that he says he's wanted to make ever since he got into acting.