Cool Stuff: Olly Moss Creates Academy-Sponsored '85 Years Of Oscar' Poster

How would you depict every single winner of the Best Picture Oscar, if you had to render each one as a slightly altered version of the well-known Oscar statue?

Artist Olly Moss was tasked with depicting a reference to every single Best Picture on one poster, for the 85 Years of Oscar one-sheet. As you can see from the hint above, he took a fun, and detail-oriented approach to the task. What's the blank pedestal in the middle? Well, how would you depict A Beautiful Mind? See the full image below.

Moss says:

I worked with the Academy to create the official 85 Years of Oscars poster. The brief was one of the hardest I've ever had; find a way to reference every single Best Picture winner from the last 85 years.

Gallery 1988 is behind this effort, and will eventually make the Moss design available as a 27x40" one-sheet. On the left below is the Moss design; the poster on the right is the official Oscar telecast image via the official Oscars website.